I help eCommerce stores

get more sales and repeat customers

using email marketing

There’s a hidden goldmine in your store’s customer list…

And I help you uncover it using email marketing strategies that –

  • Maximise cart value and buying frequency
  • Turn customers into raving brand advocates
  • Make email your biggest sales channel

Do you want to start making more money from email… but you’re not sure how to do it? 

Ecom store owners are often too busy to manage a full email marketing strategy.

They set up their Klayvio account with a few standard email sequences, hit ‘schedule’ and that’s it. Sales trickle through and things seem, well, ok… but they know their store is capable of so much more

That’s where I come in.

Hi I’m Sam – a data-obsessed direct response copywriter and email list manager. 

I help store owners build customer relationships based on value and trust, while harnessing the power of some pretty cool email marketing automations that increase cart value and buyer frequency. 

Unlock the full purchasing power of

your biggest asset: your customer database

Getting more sales from your email list isn’t just about good copy. It’s not just about improving deliverability. Or any single other thing. An email list is an organic entity with a lot of moving pieces, and there is no single magic bullet that will ‘fix everything’.

I analyse those moving parts, and make improvements that get the whole ecosystem whirring smoothly and producing the revenue it is really capable of. 

Direct Response Copywriting

That builds a genuine relationship with your customers

VIP Programs

That create a tribe of raving brand advocates

Deliverability Optimisation

Keeping your emails landing in inboxes – not the dreaded promo tab!

Personalised Journeys

That give each customer their ultimate experience

Tagging and Segmentation

Start sending the right messages to the right people at the right time

Abandoned Carts

Campaigns that recover lost sales during the buying journey

Cross-sells, Upsells, Downsells

There are so many ways to leverage more from every transaction

Data Analysis

That uncovers more opportunities to grow and profit

My 4-step growth framework 

Nice things clients have said about me 

Sam has taken over writing emails for us, so we can focus on growing our business. Working with Sam is easy – she is very easy to get along with, works fast, and is an excellent communicator.

She picked up our tone of voice and style very quickly. Her emails are excellent – we’ve never had to change a word of her copy. 

Over the last quarter, Sam’s emails have brought in over $300,000 worth of new business for us. I highly recommend working with her!

Sarah Hodge

COO, Practice Acceleration

I’ve been working with Sam for over 5 years now on various projects including email nurturing & automation, landing pages, sales pages and Facebook ads.

Since working with Sam I’ve had sales coming from my list for the first time ever, as well as more engagement which is making it much easier to close sales. 

If I could put an ROI on my investment with her, it would over 3000%. She’s amazing to work with, always delivering high-quality work with minimal input from us – I wish I could have her full time!

Barry Magliarditi

Entrepreneur, BarryMagliarditi.com

I hired Sam to help me generate leads and increase conversions for my ‘foot in the door’ offer. Her copy made a significant impact in generating qualified hot leads that were ready to take the next step. 

Sam’s emails generated around $70,000 in sales, and helped me build my business. I’d absolutely recommend her – it’s a big YES from me!

Suzie Lightfoot

Founder & CEO , Woman of Confidence

I started working with Sam years ago after she was highly recommended for her agency work. 

Her copy stood out and I could immediately see her creative talent and direct sales abilities. 

Since then we’ve worked together on several projects for my own clients, as well as hiring her for our own business. 

Sam is easy to work with, always professional and knows how to use words that sell! I’d hire her more but she is regularly booked out! 

Jovana Vujnic

Founder & CEO , Bumper Leads

Some ways I can help you   

Email Strategy Audit

  Get a full review of your current copy and platform setup.

I’ll highlight the gaps in your current strategy and give you actionable ways to unlock the hidden revenue your’re currently missing out on!

Email Copywriting

  Don’t have the time or know-how to write emails that turn visitors into customers, and customers into raving fans of your brand?

I’ll write your welcome series, abandoned carts, promos and more. Then you set them up to roll.

Email List Management

Hand over the reins to me and I’ll help leverage more income from your store every month.

I do the copy, setup, strategy – everything. This done-for-you service leaves you free to focus on other priorities while your business grows.

Get in touch

Want to ask a quick question? Get in touch with me at sam (at) wallisthewriter.com

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